Release of Ownership Application Release of Ownership Application All Sections MUST be Filled OutTodays Date:
Labrador Retriever Information*This document provides for the potential transfer of ownership of the Labrador Retriever known as:
*Did you adopt this dog from Labrador Rescuers? If yes, what was the dogs name when he/she was with us?
How did you hear about Labrador Rescuers?

Neutered or Spayed?

Is this dog microchipped?

Color? (Black, Chocolate or Yellow)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Age & DOB If Known (weeks, months or years)
Vaccinations given (include month and year for each vaccination):
This dog has the following health problems:
The dog is being relinquished because of the following reasons:
*What is the required time frame for release?
Have you already, or do you intend to apply with other rescue organizations? If YES, please explain:
Current Legal Owner Information*Owner's name:
*Street address:
*City/State/Zip code:
*Phone Number:
*Email address: We cannot contact you otherwise!
IMPORTANT. Please email at least 3 current photos of your dog to [email protected]. Make sure to add your name in the subject line so we can match you with your application. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL PHOTOS OF YOUR LAB ARE RECEIVED.*Please provide as much information as possible about the personality traits of the dog you are surrendering. We will use this information to describe the dog to potential adopters.
Has your dog been around children? If so, what ages?
How long have you owned the dog?
How did you acquire this dog?
Is this dog a purebred? If not, what is it mixed with?
Please explain any aggression issues (people, other dogs, cats, etc.) that this dog has:
If this dog was a stray, please explain the situation and also what you have done to find rightful owner?
Please check all that apply:

Where does the dog sleep at night? Check all that apply:

Where does the dog typically spend it's days? Check all that apply:

Is this dog an inside or outside dog, or both?

Is this dog house broken?
Does the dog react poorly to any of the following? Please check all that apply:

Has this dog ever bitten anyone or another dog? If yes, please explain.
Labrador Rescuers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers. All dogs prior to being adopted through Labrador Rescuers will receive a medical exam, be spayed or neutered, all vaccines brought up to date; will receive a fecal test and be microchipped. Donations are greatly appreciated and make it possible for Labrador Rescuers to continue helping Labs and Lab mixes with their medical care and placement into forever homes.
Are you able to drive your dog to a LR volunteer to have it evaluated?

Are you able to donate and help Labrador Rescuers towards your dog's care?

*If you are able to donate towards your dog's care, please indicate the amount you are able to donate.
We may not be able to take this dog due to its health, physical condition, temperament. By submitting this form, I understand that I am applying to make available for adoption through Lab Rescuers the dog named above if he/she passes evaluation. I certify I am the owner of this dog, free and clear of all other interests. I certify that this dog is not possessed of any dangerous or vicious propensities and I have not willfully concealed information about this dog that may indicate such propensities. The information I have provided about this dog is true and complete. I hereby forever release, discharge and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Labrador Rescuers of San Diego, its Board of Directors, foster home providers, volunteers and agents from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of or in connection with the adoption of the above named dog, and/or any harm or injury caused by such dog as a result of our offering such dog for adoption, or whatever kind or nature. I further understand and acknowledge that: (1) Despite my offering this dog for adoption, no such adoption may prove possible for this dog because of either terminal illness causing unmanageable pain or over-aggressiveness toward people or other dogs that cannot be cured; (2) Lab Rescuers may have no choice but to put this animal to sleep should either of those conditions exist; and (3) my above release, discharge and agreement to hold harmless and indemnify Labrador Rescuers, its Foster Home Providers, Volunteers, and agents will also extend to, and cover, those events that may occur after I have delivered this animal to Labrador Rescuers for adoption through and until such time as this dog is put to sleep if adoption proves not to be possible for either of the above reasons. ONCE CONTACTED, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO BRING YOUR DOG TO MEET WITH ONE OF OUR VOLUNTEERS FOR AN EVALUATION WITH OTHER DOGS AND A PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT. WE WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO CONNECT YOU WITH THE INTAKE VOLUNTEER CLOSEST TO YOU.

Revised 12/14/14Labrador Rescuers does not accept aggressive dogs including aggression towards people as well as other dogs.