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Ringo - Medical Hold
ID: 05586-23
Yellow Labrador Retriever - Mix (mix)
Gender: Male
Neutered: Yes
Color: Yellow
Size: Large
Weight: 60.40 lbs.
Tail: N/A
Collar: Red Martingale
Age: 2 years (approx.)
Available now
Location: In foster care
In addition to the adoption fee of $400, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.
Ringo joins LR by way of an overcrowded shelter. Ringo had no chance of being adopted with an injured rear leg. He was red listed after his stray hold was up. The shelter reached out to us for help and we stepped up to help him. He was quiet on the card ride to vet. He crated easy. You can tell he was uncomfortable and nervous. His leg was bothering him. While at the Vet, we took a moment to give him some love. Ringo placed his head in our hands and soaked up the love. We don't know much about him yet. We are taking care of his medical needs first. Check back for updates as we learn more about Ringo. Foster Update: 11/19/23 We've had Ringo for almost a week now and he is finally starting to come out of shell. Ringo is on the mend from 2 surgeries. The first was to repair a severely broken left rear leg, most likely from being hit by a car. He is recovering very nicely. There does not seem to be any apparent lingering effects but his checkup in about 5 weeks may reveal more info. He is on restricted activity to insure the best possible outcome of his surgery. His second surgery was for a routine neuter and he is recovering nicely from that too. Ringo is very shy and timid when meeting new people but does warm up after a while. He is living with 5 other dogs (3F & 2M) and gets along great with all of them. He is learning a lot from them on how to 'dog' and to trust people. Ringo seems to be housebroken but his extended stay at the shelter and then at the Vet seems to have sidetracked him. He is getting back on track however and his accidents are becoming fewer and fewer. He does not appear to be a high energy boy but does have some puppy energy. He tries to engage our other dogs in play but his activity restrictions preclude that. He would probably like to be in a home with another dog that likes to engage in play with other dogs. He's good on a leash but likes to circle and walk in front of you. He needs a family that is committed to getting him the training he needs to be at his best. He's a bit of a chewer. It remains to be seen if that is a puppy activity or a lifelong hobby. Ringo is crate trained. He is not a barker. So far he's shown himself to be a very sweet, well behaved dog that is looking for someone to love. Please check back as we learn more about Ringo in the weeks to come.
•Good with dogs •Current on vaccinations
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