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Oakley 2
ID: 05575-23
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Neutered: Yes
Color: Chocolate
Size: Large
Weight: 74.40 lbs.
Tail: N/A
Collar: Black Martingale
DOB: 8/30/2022
Available now
Location: In foster care

In addition to the adoption fee of $500, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Foster Update #2 Oakley is a one-year-old chocolate lab who will steal your heart with his stunning looks and loving personality. Sweet, happy, goofy Oakley makes friends everywhere he goes — dogs, humans, and even cats!  Oakley loves lots of playtime with his canine pals, long walks, swimming, cuddling on the couch, belly rubs, and chewing on Kongs/nylabones. Oakley would like a forever family with another younger canine pal and a family who will take him out into the world on a daily basis (walks, hikes, car rides, errands, sports practices).  Foster Update #1- QUICK FACTS About Oakley: Crate Trained: Technically yes, but doesn’t love it Potty Trained: Yes Trustworthy in House: Yes, we have left him for up to 4+ hours with no issues, but our house doesn’t have a lot of temptations for dogs. Counter Surfs: No, but is interested in what is going up on the counters. If the right opportunity presented itself, he might take advantage. Leash Skills: B+ doesn’t pull on a harness and is completely NOT leash aggressive, but does zigzag and loves to smell stuff on walks. He really enjoys walks. Other Dogs: LOVES all dogs he has met. Gets along FABULOUSLY with all three pups in my pack, and he and Rosie are BFFs. Would be absolutely lost without a canine sibling. Cats: was raised with cats, according to prior owner. People: Loves everyone, but can be a little timid at first. Hasn’t had much exposure to kids. Hoping to get him around more kids soon. Energy Level/Exercise Needs: Medium energy (given his age), walks about 3 miles in the AM and 1 mile in PM (LOVES walks) and plays with Rosie about 45min-1 hour total throughout the day. He also LOVES to swim and likes the chasing/running part of fetch. When given appropriate exercise, settles really well for much of the day. Affection: LOVES to snuggle with his people on the sofa and would love to sleep with someone at night. VERY sweet and loves humans. Responds really well to praise. Loves belly rubs. Not a kisser. Car: Rides well in the car. Likes: Kongs, Nylabones, playtime with a canine friend, lots of walks, playing in the pool, treats, snuggling with his people, praise from his people, belly rubs. Training: Seems to have some training (knows sit, down and will wait to eat his food), but can definitely use more work. Jumps up a little, but only very rarely on people. Oakley’s wish list in a forever home: — Another younger, playful dog who is well-balanced, happy, and well-behaved. Oakley is very submissive and can be unsure of himself. He 100% takes cues from my pack, and has learned all the routines in our house very quickly. He as Rosie have become besties. They play HARD in 10-15 min increments several times a day. He needs a canine sibling who will help to show him the “ropes” and who will show him that the world is a happy, fun place. — A family who is not gone full-time on a daily basis. He is okay to be left for several hours at a time, but to be the best version of himself, Oakley very much still needs more socialization/exposure to people and to the world. He would love a family who will take him out into the world on a very regular/daily basis (running errands, going to sports practices, hikes/walks in different places, going to work, etc). — A pool is a bonus — A family who will let him be on the furniture with him to snuggle is a bonus. Intro: Oakley came to Lab Rescuers from a family that is moving and is unable to take Oakley and his 1/2 sister Lila with them. They got him from a breeder and he has AKC paperwork. He is a very sweet, cuddly boy that will thrive with another dog in his forever home. He loves to snuggle with his person and I’m guessing he would love to snuggle with his doggie buddy as well. He’s a little shy with new people and some new situations at first, but will follow the lead of the resident dog. He likes to play with other dogs, but will also be happy with daily walks, playing fetch and he LOVES to swim. He will jump from the side of the pool following the resident dog. He loves his food and uses a slow feed bowl to eat, takes treats gently and is an overall gentle soul. His exposure to children has been limited so far, but he was fine around the children at the dog park. He is said to be ok with cats, but wants to play with them. He knows sit and down and is well behaved in the home. He settles well in the car, learned the doggie door easily, and is housebroken. He’s not crazy about the crate, but he really doesn’t need one.

•Good with cats •Good with dogs •Current on vaccinations
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