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ID: 05412-22
Yellow Labrador Retriever (mix)
Gender: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Size: Medium
Weight: 50 lbs.
Collar: Purple Martingale
Age: 2 years
Available: 11/11/2022
Location: In foster care

In addition to the adoption fee of $500, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Intro: Meet Evie - pronounced "E Vee", LR Pulled Evie from an overcrowded shelter. She was brought in as a stray. Upon entering the shelter she was noted to be very happy and all tail wags with everyone she met. Sadly, no one came looking for her. She met Benjamin at the shelter for a dog to dog evaluation and the two hit it off immediately. Evie walked nicely next to Benjamin. She takes treats gently. She was curious in the car and likes to look out the window. She wagged her tail at everyone walking by. After a short drive she went to sleep. Evie enjoyed the quality time and affection she received. She spent the night with a temporary foster and their two dogs, cats and Benjamin. She is moving to her foster today. Please check back with us as we learn more about Evie and her needs.

Foster Update (11/12/2022): Little Evie is such a sweetie pie. She is very smart, listens to commands, walks good on a lead and is non-reactive. She sits and waits for her food bowl to be put down and permission to start eating. She is gentle when taking treats from your hand. Evie loves to cuddle and will jump on the couch to watch tv with us or take a nap. Evie loves to sleep in bed with us too, she sleeps through the night. First thing in the morning she goes potty, she is housebroken. She does have energy and will do zoomies in the yard. Evie is very friendly and I can’t say enough nice things about her.

Foster Update (12/4/2022): Evie is an amazing dog. She loves to run and is very fast, so she would really like a large yard, or lots of walks each day and play time with active people, or another dog to run and play with. Evie is also a very good-looking dog, with a beautiful red-gold coat. We hear comments about how nice looking Evie is, often from our neighbors, when walking her, but it has not gone to her head yet, she still wags her tail for people and is very friendly & sits nicely to meet them. She really is very smart and obedient and ready to benefit from consistent and frequent attention and training. Evie does have a strong prey drive, tracks all creatures with interest and sticks her nose down gopher holes often, but takes correction well and obeys commands to stop her chasing or digging behaviors. She does love food and treats, as all Labs do, but is not a “Velcro-Lab” with us. Evie enjoys sharing sofas and beds with her humans, but also sleeps on her dog bed if told to do so. She is trust-worthy when left alone in the house, for short periods of time. Evie is a very alert companion and lets out small barks and sometimes growls when she hears noises outside the house and quiets down when the human checks the noise and tells her that it is OK! We have not observed any separation anxiety from Evie, but we have not left her alone often or for over 2 hours. Evie is ready to play with and charm her forever family, is that you?

  • Needs home with no cats
  • Good with dogs
  • Housetrained
  • Current on vaccinations
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