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ID: 05400-22
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Neutered: Yes
Color: Yellow
Size: Large
Weight: 68 lbs.
Tail: N/A
Age: 6 years (approx.)
Available now
Location: In foster care
Meet Me at Our Adoption Event! Sat. Dec 9 10-12 Petco 8501 Fletcher Pkwy La Mesa

In addition to the adoption fee of $500, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course. Foster Update #3: Chance has finally received his medical clearance and is now ready for adoption! Unfortunately, the surgery has left Chance deaf in both ears. The great news is that this has not affected him at all. He is still the same well behaved, effervescent and bubbly companion. If you are interested in a dog that wants to be your best buddy, then wait no longer. Call your HV rep or apply today! Foster Update #2: After nearly a year of chronic ear infections and countless vet visits including a specialty dermatologist, it was determined that a bilateral ear ablation (TECA) surgery would give Chance the best shot at a pain free life. The TECA surgery was performed on 10/16/23. He is currently recovering and should finally be ready for his forever home in a couple of weeks. Foster Update #1: Chance is a real gem! Under Veterinary care, Chance's skin and ears are showing definite signs of improvement. He has a follow-up exam and will have some dental work done at that time too. His coat is already starting to fill back in nicely. He is on a high calorie diet and is putting on some much needed weight. He will soon reach his ideal weight. Chance is one of the happiest dogs we have ever encountered. He has the most severe case of Happy, Happy, Tippy Tappy feet I have ever seen. The Vet indicated there is no cure for this condition but it can be carefully controlled and maintained by giving Chance lots of love and affection. Chance is living with four female Labs and one male Lab and gets along great with all of them. Chance is a mildly Velcro dog and has no problems displaying his affection for you. Chance knows some commands and seems to have been trained somewhere along in his life. He is a slow, neat eater and takes his treats gently. He has not shown any signs of resource guarding or food aggression. He does not beg at the dinner table. Chance has not demonstrated any separation anxiety and is trustworthy when left alone. He does however counter surf and has had one encounter with the garbage can. Chance is a mellow, medium to low energy guy. He has no problems lazing around the house but does love to go for walks. He handles great on a leash and has shown no reactivity to other dogs or people while out on a walk. He sleeps through the night and is housebroken. Chance will be a fantastic addition to any family.

Intro: Chance joined LR in October 2022. He was happy to be out of the shelter! Chance was found as stray and brought to an OC shelter. We are surprised no one came and claimed him. He is super friendly and a very happy boy. He likes people, especially the ones will give him yummy treats! He also takes treats gently and will sit when asked! We are glad we got him out of the shelter! Chance has some skin issues, an ear infection, and is a bit under weight. These are the typical issues with stray Labs when they're first brought in. No worries, we are taking care of him now. We think he will recover nicely once he is placed in his foster home. Please come back and check on his update.

•Good with dogs •Housetrained •Current on vaccinations
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