<b>Savannah - Medical Hold</b>    <b>Savannah - Medical Hold</b>    <b>Savannah - Medical Hold</b>    <b>Savannah - Medical Hold</b>    <b>Savannah - Medical Hold</b>   
Savannah - Medical Hold   ID: 05382-22   Dog
Available Available: 9/16/2022     Location: #Location#

Breeds: Black Labrador Retriever (mix)Altered: Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: Age: Age: 4 months
Coat: Tail:
Size: Size: MediumWeight: Weight: 20 lbs.
Eyes: Ears:
In addition to the adoption fee of $450, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

We were contacted by a shelter to help puppies that are believed by the vets to be a case of intentional cruelty. Found discarded by railroad tracks, when the shelter became aware of them, the staff rushed to get them. Sofia and Savannah came to us with multiple lacerations, and wider open wounds, some that were inflicted before others. They both had eye secretions and Savannah’s leg was wrapped due to a laceration that almost went to a tendon. Some of the wounds opened up as they were too wide to hold sutures. They were both completely shut down and had to be carried, as they wouldn’t walk. Once at a volunteer’s home, and placed in a well padded pen, they showed that indeed, they could walk! And they were very happy to be fed several helpings of good food. Sofia is the smaller of the puppies and likes to stick out her tongue. Savannah is bigger and sports some big paws. They are both receiving the best care from our vets and fosters, and we are hopeful they will heal both physically and emotionally as they learn they are safe and loved.

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