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Buddy   ID: 05373-22   Dog
Available Available: 8/21/2022     Location: #Location#

Breeds: Labrador Retriever (purebred)Altered: Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: Age: Age: 10 years
Coat: Tail:
Size: Size: LargeWeight: Weight: 85 lbs.
Eyes: Ears:
My senior adoption fee is $300.

Meet Buddy. Buddy is a 10 year old English Lab. He came to Lab Rescuers when his owner passed away suddenly. Buddy lived in a home with other dogs and loves his humans. He seems to prefer female dogs over males and is a chill Labrador who wants to hang out with his people. Keep checking back for updates while we learn more about this wonderful boy.

Foster Update - 9/1/22

Buddy has earned his senior stripes and is ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Buddy is a very laid back guy and just likes to chill with his people. Buddy was just neutered and is also being treated for an ear and a UTI infection. He should be available in a couple of weeks. Buddy is amazing. He is housebroken and has had no accidents in spite of his UTI. He sleeps through the night. He does not try to get on the bed or furniture. He does not counter surf and does not beg at the dinner table. He gets along great with his 4 female housemates. He's a slow eater and takes treats gently. He good on the leash with occasional pulling to get to that special spot. He's not a Velcro dog but does like to be around his people. He has proven to be trustworthy when left alone uncrated. He may be OK with cats as he has not shown any signs of prey drive. Buddy will make a great low-key, low-energy companion.

Foster Update - 9/4/22

It has been confirmed that Buddy is not enamored of other male dogs. He would do good as a single dog or with female companions.

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