ID: 5349-22
Black Labrador Retriever (mix)
Gender: Male
Spayed/neutered: No
Size: Medium
Weight: 67 lbs.
Collar: Red Martingale
Age: 7 months
Available: 06/25/2022
Location: In foster care
In addition to the adoption fee of $450, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Onyx is a shiny, handsome puppy who came to us as a result of a job change. He is an exuberant guy who will benefit from exercise and training. He has a sweet personality and likes to give kisses. Please check back for updates as we get to know him. Foster update 7/8/22: We have had Onyx for almost 2 weeks. Here is what we have discovered about this shiny, happy 6 month toddler: He is an alert barker, and currently alerts more than usual until he gets used to sights and sounds. He loves the water and can swim and fetch. And likes showers and baths. He has lots of energy typical for a young male lab. I take him to work and he is quiet and sleeps at my feet at work- as long as I don’t leave him. He knows some basic commands- but is learning a long down stay which will be key in giving him something to do when he is doing something you DON’T want him to do. He is pretty good on a leash and is learning to walk at heel. He is also pretty good at coming when called. Being an energetic puppy, he is a 70lb wrecking ball- like Clifford the Big red Dog! He jumps on people and we are working on that. He also uses his mouth to get your attention and play and we are working on that too. He really wants a person to devote himself to a special human who will run with him, and take him to the beach, bay, or dog park daily. He sleeps through the night, doesn’t seem to prefer the crate, but sometimes likes to sleep under the bed. He has some separation anxiety. Right now he is very velcro and whines and barks if you leave him. We will work on baby steps on being alone. He got neutered yesterday and is on “rest” for the next few weeks.

  • Good with dogs
  • Current on vaccinations
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