ID: 5332
Yellow Labrador Retriever (mix)
Gender: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Size: Large
Weight: 65 lbs.
Collar: Orange Martingale
Age: 4 years
Available: 05/20/2022
Location: In foster care
In addition to the adoption fee of $400, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Foster update #3 (7/1/22): Mick is doing great! He is really a pleasure to have around the house and seems to like everyone he meets, kids and adults alike. His initial excited greeting can be a bit much, but he doesn't jump. This is improving as time goes by. Each morning he greets us with hugs (literally) and kisses. Sleeps all night, usually on his bed in our room, but sometimes chooses the cool floor or my son's bed. Mick definitely loves his tennis ball and playing fetch so he will need a decent sized yard with some grass. He is pretty great at catching the ball mid air. He can do the same with treats! We find he walks better on leash once some of his initial energy is gone. He is most distracted when other dogs are near but it's easy to work on this by maintaining distance on walks and having high value treats on hand. He will need a family who is willing to commit to continuing his leash training. Mick meets some dogs just fine, others, not so much, so no doggy day care or dog parks for him. We have taken him with us to breweries, restaurants and coffee shops and he has done fine with other well behaved dogs around. We think we would be content to be the only dog in the home as he loves his humans but may do fine with another mellow dog. No kitties or small critters, though. He is definitely a chaser! Mick has shown no evidence of resource or food guarding. We've left him alone a few times now with free roam of the house and had no issues with separation anxiety or distructive behavior and he has never had an accident in the house. His teeth are sparkly clean and no more bad doggy breath after some much needed dental work. Mick is healthy, happy and ready to become a great addtion to some lucky family!

Foster update #2 (5/30/22):

We've had Mick for 11 days now...he has mastered the stairs with enthusiasm and now he happily sleeps all night on his dog bed with us in the master bedroom. We've determined that his barking and pulling toward strangers simply means that he is excited to see them. He goes in for affection right away. He met a younger child on a walk with no issues. This is a work in progress and an adoptive family will need to be willing to continue to work on his manners so he can be his best doggie. We have had him over to another volunteers house for a meet and walks with her three dogs and he did fine. He seems to be able to read another dog's cues/correction and will back off if they get annoyed with him. Not sure if he needs another dog in the home, but he would be fine with a mellow energy dog who he can learn from. He will need to stay socialized, regardless. Still not sure about kitties. He approached the resident vet cat with a bit too much enthusiasm and got a hissed at afterwhich point he lost interest. He has seen the neighbor cats from a distance without much reaction. so we will be testing for that when the opportunity presents. This boy is very smart and learns quickly. He will wait to eat and, although it's tough, he will wait at the door for his walks until he is given permission. No counter surfing and no overt begging. He still really really loves his walks and for the first half to 3/4 of the way he won't focus on us much but when he has his energy calmed a bit we can engage in more of his leash training. He will come in for love but can settle on his own. We invite him on the couch which he likes but responds to our command to get down if he gets up without permission. Likewise with the beds. Once he is completely healed from his neuter and UTI we will take him to play fetch and see if he likes the water. He will drink from the hose when we are watering plants. He doesn't chew things or destroy toys but likes to greet you with one when you come home. I suspect this boy will really like playing fetch and he is pretty good at catching a ball or toy when thrown. He would benefit from a yard and an fairly active family and he is best on leash when he has his little jog on :):)..He takes hugs and affection from my teenagers very well, settles down nicely in the house and is just an overall great dog!

Foster Update #1

We have only had Mick with us for a couple days now. We have learned a few things about him. He loves to hang out on patio and watch the neighborhood activity. He seems to alert bark at people but not other dogs he sees. Mick will entertain himself with toys and toss them around. He has figured out the breakaway screen with a bit of encouragement. Mick has had no accidents in the house. He loves his walks and enjoys getting his sniff on. He is a bit out of practice with his leash skills, zigzagging a bit, pulling towards other dogs and lunging a bit at cyclists riding by. We are working on that. This boy is VERY energetic on his walks and will jog with no issues. This morning he came up and nudged my hand for pets and is showing attachment to us, whining a bit when we leave, but calming down fairly quickly. We have only left him for about 20 minutes so far. He will alert bark at people coming to the house but calms down quickly at intro. Mick sleeps through the night on his dog bed downstairs because he is not yet comfortable with inside staircases. We are working on that as well and have managed to entice him up half a flight with high value treats. He has not exhibited any destructive behavior with toys or anything else. Mick howls at the fire trucks sirens which is quite comical. He knows the words "toy" and "treat" and also knows stay, in addition to what was mentioned in the intake bio. More to come later as we learn more about this cutie pie!

Meet Mick –He is Dudley Lab mix. Micks owners turned him in to local shelter. It was due to losing their home and financial difficulties. What they told the shelter about him is he sits by the back door and waits for you to let him out to go potty. Mick grew up with kids. They had him since he was a puppy. He is very sweet. Mick knows sit, paw and if you use finger guns and point at him, he plays dead. He adjusts his energy level to who he is playing with. He can be playful with a young dog or chill out with an older dog. He is fetch boy but, can get distracted and may not always bring the ball back.

While at the shelter, the Staff tell us he is very sweet. He has been there for two months and has had kennel mates the entire time. He has not had one problem while at the shelter. Today during his intake evaluation, he met Howie who was also at the same shelter. The two were fine meeting each other and had no issues at all. Mick enjoyed some high value treats with Howie. He did not appear to have any food aggression. He has a very soft muzzle when taking treats. He walks well on leash and easily redirected. Mick’s coat is super soft. He rides fine in the car. It takes him a bit to lay down. He crated easy in the car and had no problem jumping in.

Please check back and look for updates from his fosters.

  • Needs home with no cats
  • Good with young children
  • Housetrained
  • Current on vaccinations
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