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ID: 5301
Yellow Labrador Retriever (purebred)
Gender: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Size: Large
Weight: 73 lbs.
Collar: Blue Martingale
Age: 5 years
Available: 10/19/2022
Location: In foster care
In addition to the adoption fee of $500, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Foster Update 2: Andy is sleeping well through the night and doesn't get on the human bed, he is starting to enjoy the dog beds. He likes plush dog toys, he's not destructive with them and wants to carry them around. He puts his front paws on your lap to get hugs. He doesn't bark really, we've only heard him bark at the Roomba one time. He is food motivated, we are working on making him sit before putting the bowl down, he is not gentle when taking treats so needs work on that. He is a big boy and very strong, he definitely needs work on leash training but is shows signs he is getting it. He is velcro but is starting to be less velcro, no whining or barking or scratching if you shut a door on him. Minimal alone time would be ideal however he has been home alone with the resident Lab for up to four hours without issue. He seemed overly interested in a cat on our walk so may need a home without cats. He loves belly rubs and hugs and smooches! All in all he is a really nice dog and his "issues" are easily fixed with training and stability as he is a smart pooch! Andy is ready for his furever home with an adopter committed to continue training.

Foster Update 1: Andy is a loving guy who needs to give hugs. He needs a home where he’ll get lots of attention and where he’s allowed to also give lots of attention. We’ve had him around many dogs large and small. Andy is a gentle giant and will make a wonderful addition to a family looking for a giant lap dog.

Andy is a catch! He was rescued from an Inland Empire shelter. A beautiful soul with a sound yet accommodating presence. He can be a counter surfer, but isn't overly aggressive with food. He takes verbal correction well. Andy will rise up to hug your shoulders or nudge his face in your lap as you sit. He will not jump onto couches or beds. He will put his front feet on the bed to get your attention. He is housetrained. Andy needs leash training, but because he's sensitive, he will pick up new things with consistency.

  • Good with dogs
  • Good with young children
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